Monday, August 06, 2007

New Sensations

Our pal, the Velvet Bulldog, came by this weekend to show off her new scooter and give Mrs. F and I a chance to try out a ride. Wow. I think our household needs a scooter. I loved it, and it would be a great alternative to my bike for doing short errands (which I almost never do because we live at the bottom of the huge hill that is West Seattle, the top of which includes the grocery stores, pet food store, pharmacy, etc. that we visit).


Here I am geared out on the scooter. (Actually, it looks like I could benefit from those hill climb bike outings.) And in honor of my first scooter ride, here's a tune from Lou Reed in which he sings about the joys of getting lost on his motorcycle:

Lou Reed: New Sensations