Monday, July 23, 2007

Early in the Morning

It was a bit of a struggle getting the boy down last night, but we finally got him to sleep a little before 10pm. Usually that means a wake-up call between 4:30am and 5am. But not today... 3:45am! And, based on my getting up for yesterday's early riser session, it would normally fall on Mrs. F to get up with Lil' F, but I had a feeling she wasn't sleeping too well with her cough, so I've muddled on through with a double shot of espresso. It's just a shade before 5am and it looks like Lil' F is starting to get tired again (he's rubbing his eyes with gusto), and I've turned on the swing to promote some sleep.

To while away the time, I've done my morning stretches (as my back is a bit tweaky today) and I'm listening to some international news radio on KXOT, a local companion station to Seattle's KUOW NPR station. It was suggested by Charlie, Wammer's Dad, who has become a middle-of-the-night fan of the station due to the Sammy's sleep schedule. (You can listen online at the KXOT site, or go to the WRN site, which has a fuller schedule.) One of the things that I do a lot less of since I started living with Mrs. F is listen to public radio, as she gets easily annoyed by the talk aspect of it. So now I've got something to look forward to on my early mornings.

Speaking of Early in the Morning, here's the Gap Band from 1982 with a tune to get ya going.