Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Releases for 17 July

I've been a Magic Numbers fan since their first single Forever Lost, and they had a lot of buzz going with their debut (which I enthusiastically supported, even getting off my duff to see them perform at the Crocodile here in Seattle). Their second album (Those the Brokes) was released in the UK late last year, but it's only getting around to a release here in the States this week. I haven't been listening to our local alterna station KEXP lately, so I don't know if the Numbers are getting played as much as they were with their first album, but I want to make sure that this doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Much like the debut, Brokes is full of Mamas & Papas melodies and Lovin' Spoonful pop grooves that are perfect for summer (which, now that I think of it, might be why it's being released now). Here's the vid to "This Is a Song":

The animation in this video for Josh Rouse's new song "Hollywood Bass Player" is, frankly, awful. But the tune is peppy with a very West Coast, late 70s vibe and it's best just used for background audio. I bought his new album Country Mouse, City House this morn from iTunes, and have been thoroughly enjoying it -- sunny country-tinged folk pop embellished by strings and horn sections.