Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This Won't Win Me Back Any Indie Cred

Maybe I'm finally getting old and ready to join the gray ponytails (40 is just about a month away), but I've gotta admit I'm kinda psyched to see that Jack Johnson is getting back to the studio for a new album slated for early 2008. Via Billboard:
Johnson is working with his usual rhythm section -- bassist Merlo Podlewski and drummer Adam Topol -- plus recent addition Zach Gill on piano and accordion. He's also returned to producer JP Plunier, who helmed Johnson's 2001 debut "Brushfire Fairytales."
The new songs, he says, deal with "a little bit of peace, a little bit of that feeling of the whole climate change and being overwhelmed by that [and] little sappy love songs, like usual. A little bit of everything."
Mr. Johnson has been in heavy rotation around our homestead, Cracks Centraal, especially his truly wonderful soundtrack to the Curious George animated movie from a year or so ago.

Here's a tune from that album that gets a lot of play these days with Lil' F:

My Own Two Hands
You can also listen to another from the soundtrack -- Mrs. F's fave -- a duet between Johnson and Ben Harper. Click the link to the right to go to Rhapsody, where you can select to play the song without having to log in (you're given 25 free plays, though I'm not sure if that's 25 and done, or 25 per month)